Intermittent Fasting

Build Muscle

Knowing how to build muscle is an essential to all men wanting to boost their self-esteem. The reason is pretty obvious and that is aside from looking physically good, the body would also be in a state where resistance is at its highest. There are many ways to develop muscles and all them, fortunately, are not mutually (or more in terms of number) exclusive. It always involves the interplay of diet, activity, workout proper, and rest.

Eat Right

If a friend asks you what to eat in order to build muscle, how will you answer back? It is simple. Just know the rule of thumb all body builders take note of and that is maximum protein. Protein is the building block of muscles so it follows that the more you eat protein, the more potential for muscle growth. However, not all proteins cause one to get buff. There are so-called complete and incomplete proteins. The former comes from dairy products, fish, chicken, and meat. This is the protein you would want to take because they load up your muscles' ATP and power. On the other hand, incomplete proteins are those proteins that are almost useless for body building usually coming from vegetables.

Working Out

The beef of your conquest towards bigger muscles is working out. More or less, you have an idea how this goes. But just to remind you: always start with lighter weights and gradually shift heavier on a week to week basis; breathe well every repetition; do not be shy to ask for a spotter if necessity arises; and lessen the reps if the weight is too heavy for you.

DO NOT Forget to Rest

The belief that "more time for workout, lesser time for muscles to grow" is not completely true. It should understood as "workout for only an optimal time and do not abuse your body". Resting in this context should then be at least one day after workout.

Some smarter gym rats do this routine: They workout on one specific muscle group, e.g. upper, one day and still go to gym the next day with a different target, e.g. foot muscles. This method is somewhat effective considering the fact that the day 2 workouts did not touch the muscle group previously subjected to strenuous exercise.

Build Muscle

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